Shot Fit Use Instructions

Always ensure that the shotgun is unloaded and the safety is on before handling or working on any firearm. Read the entirety of the instruction manual before making any adjustments to your gun. The following instructions are based on righthanded shooters. If the shooter is lefthanded the top and bottom applies the same. The left and right LED lights will work the same but with some minor differences in terminology.
The shot fit is a tool designed to identify basic shot fit needs. One of the first steps is to identify eye dominance. If you already know which of your eyes is the dominate eye then the eye dominance test is not necessary. It is a good idea for young shooters to check their eye dominance often as it can change throughout the teenage years.
How the Shot Fit works.
The shot fit mounts to the end of the gun barrel with a magnetic mounting base. Both the basic and pro models work the same. Attach the tool to the end of the barrel via the magnet in the end of the tool, ensuring the site plain is centered along the vent rib or barrel. Also ensure it is fitting flush along the top of the vent rib. If using a screw in choke that extends past the end of the barrel, remove it as not all chokes are cut true to the barrel. Once it is mounted on the gun turn the LED light in the back on by turning knob of the light in the clockwise direction. Then mount the gun comfortably with your eyes closed as if about to take a shot. Your cheek should be resting firmly on the comb of the stock. Once the gun is mounted comfortably open your eyes and note which of the LED lights you can see. Now comes the eye dominance test. Without removing the shot fit from the gun, mount the gun again as you did the first time. Close your left eye noting what colors you see. Then close your right eye and note what lights you see. For righthanded shooters you should be looking down the barrel with your right eye. If closing your right eye did not change what LED lights you can see then you are left eye dominant. If closing your left eye did not change what LED lights you can see then you are right eye dominant. For left eye dominant shooters that shoot righthanded this can be very difficult. Eye dominance issues must be fixed before making adjustments to your gun. In some cases, applying a small piece of tape on your shooting glasses can help. It should be placed to restrict the view of your left eye while mounting the gun.

What do the Lights indicate?

Below are examples of what lights are typically seen and what they indicate. It is important to ensure that you are seeing all lights fully. If you are seeing some lights fully and other lights partially make adjustments so as to see them all the same.
If only the bottom two lights are visible, (Figure 2) this indicates that the shooter will likely be shooting low and needs to raise their adjustable comb or adjustable shim stock. If using a shim stock refer to the manufacturer for the suggested shim. This will raise the cheek to change the impact point of the shot. Only raise the comb enough to have all four LED lights visible.
If the only the top lights are seen, (figure 3) This indicates the gun will likely be shooting high. This can be corrected by lowering the comb or changing the stock shim if applicable If changing the stock shim, refer to the manufacturer to select the correct shim. This will lower the shot point of impact. Only lower the comb enough to see all four LED lights.
If only the right lights are seen, (figure 4) this indicates the shooter will likely be shooting right. This can be corrected by adjusting the cast. Moving the comb to the left (cast on) will move the eye to the left aligning the eye down the barrel. Remember for lefthanded shooters it works the same but the terminology will be different. For a lefthanded shooter moving the comb to the left as well but refer to it as cast off. If your gun came with adjustable stock shims refer to the manufacturer for recommended shims.
If only the left lights are visible, this indicates the shooter will likely be shooting left. This can be corrected by moving the comb to the right (cast off). This moves the eye to the right and aligns it down the barrel. Only adjust the comb enough to make all four LED lights visible. Remember that for left hand shooters the adjustments are the same, but the terminology is different. The comb will still be adjusted to the right, but will be referred to as cast on. If your gun came with adjustable shims refer to the manufacturer’s instructions for this adjustment. Remember to only move the comb or shim enough to see all four lights.
When the shooter is seeing all four lights then they are ready to begin shooting to fine tuning their adjustments.

Battery/Light Replacement
If the battery life has expired in the Shot Fit there are spare batteries that come with each individual Shot Fit. Simply remove the back of the light by rotating it counter clockwise then remove the dead batteries and place the new batteries inside. Once this is done tighten the back end of the light to turn it on. Make sure to turn the lights off after each use to preserve battery life.

The Shot Fit Pro Model comes with magnetic shims that allow you to adjust the height of your pattern. Each shim will increase your pattern approximately 5 percent. Since the tool is designed for a 60/40 pattern two shims will adjust your pattern height to a 70/30 pattern. Results may vary depending on the shooter and gun type.