The Gracoil EZ or GCEZ is made for convenience. It is made with an undersized butt plate and a pad plate that is pre-fit to an 02 or medium sized kick eez pad. This will allow gunsmiths to install our EZ unit in less time as well as let a shooter interchange pads on their Gracoil unit by simply loosening a couple screws. The EZ model will still allow for all of the adjustability that the tradition Gracoil Recoil Reducer offers. All our customers love the ability to use our fully adjustable system to custom fit their gun and that will not change with the EZ model.
The ability to allow a shooter to change pads without any fitting will enable a shooter to be on the range and try different pads on different rounds or events in just a few seconds. Another thing that adds to the convenience of changing pads is it will allow two different shooters to use the same gun. If one shooter has a longer length of pull or simply shoots better with a different pad they can change out their medium kick eez pads and start shooting at the same high level they are accustom to. The ability to change pads in a matter of seconds and have a quality fit is something to be desired and now available through the Gracoil EZ.
Gunsmiths can utilize the EZ model to maximize time and efficiency when installing product at a major shoot or everyday in the shop. The only fitting required with our EZ model will be done on the stock plate. Our stock plate on the EZ is made oversized and grind to fit because all gun stocks are slightly different and will require fitting. The Gracoil EZ model is designed to rejuvenate the shooting industry from the gunsmith to the shooter and everyone in between.
You’ve read the last two paragraphs and still are not convinced that the Gracoil EZ will better you as a shooter by giving you options in pad choice from round to round or even shot to shot. Or you’re not convinced that the ease of install and time saving features in this unit are worth it. Let me reaffirm that the Gracoil EZ model will allow a higher standard for convenience for shooters without losing any adjustment, quality, or longevity. The saying, “They don’t make these like they used to.” Simply does not apply in this case. Here at Graco we still use the same high grade aluminum, extremely durable spring mechanism, and tightest tolerances that insure our products will last a lifetime and require minimal maintenance along the way. We of course will stand by our work and repair or replace any of our units that have been damaged from normal use. When looking for recoil reduction, adjustability, ease of use, convenience, price point, and quality of work look no further than Graco Corporation and the Gracoil EZ Recoil reduction unit.