BREAKO Reduction Systems

The BreaKO Reduction System will fit the draw bolt hole of some guns. If a hole must be drilled, it should be 7/8″ diameter, 1/8″ deeper than the reducer is long. To be effective, the unit must fit tight in the stock. By wrapping tape around both ends of the reducer it can be made to fit tight in oversize holes. If the hole is excessively tight, remove the label. Insert the reducer into the stock with the threaded hole toward the butt plate and seat firmly. Plain end points to muzzle. End with threaded hole faces butt plate. The reducer may be removed by inserting a 1/4-20 bolt into the threaded hole and pulling.


To install the BreaKO Mercury Recoil Reduction System, on the Beretta semi-automatic shotgun, simply remove the forearm cap nut and replace it with the BreaKO Beretta Auto Unit. Before tightening, check the forearm to see of it is seated properly in place. Tighten only by hand, do not use tools. Check periodically for tightness while gun is in use.


The BreaKO M12 Mercury Recoil Reduction System was designed to fit in the draw bolt on most shotguns, or in thinner stocks such as rifles. It’s versatility allows it to be used in a variety of firearms in different manners. The M12 comes with a set of smaller diameter end caps to use for alignment with the spring when installing in the magazine tube in a semi-automatic or pump action 12 ga. shotgun. The M12 can also be used as a substitute for the magazine plug when necessary. In 20 ga. shotguns use without the end caps. The added weight to the magazine will smooth out the swing for trap and skeet shooting. This reduction unit must become part of the gun to work properly, and needs to fit tight. If necessary, wrap both ends with plastic tape to make a secure fit so the M12 can not move when the gun is fired.


The R8 Recoil Reduction System was developed for thin rifle stocks without a large enough area in the stock to drill a hole to accept the standard recoil reduction units. This system can be installed in the butt stock, or under the barrel on a bolt action rifle. The size of the R8 allows a smaller 9/16 or 5/8 hole to be drilled in a thin rifle stock, or a pocket milled out to fit in the barrel channel. Mounting under the barrel is recommended only for bench rest shooting and hunting guns. The R8 Recoil Reduction System also works well as a stock mounted unit for shotguns with thin stock. NOTE: The R8 unit must be mounted solidly so it will not move when the gun is fired.\


Easy to install, for better control and “swing thru” the target, and ideal for skeet shooters with tube sets! Graco Barrel Weight Kit consists of three blued steel weights: 4 oz., 6 oz., 8 oz. , and the barrel clamp. To attach, simply choose the weight which best suits your needs and insert it in the smaller side of the clamp. Holding it together, slide the larger side of the clamp that is lined, over the barrel and position as needed, then tighten the screws to secure it. Also available are a 2oz. and 3oz. weight (not included), which are sold separately.


To install the Graco Counter Weight Unit on your shotgun, simply remove the forearm cap nut, and replace it with the Graco Counter-Weight unit made for your shotgun. Before tightening, check the forearm to see if it is seated properly in place. Tighten by hand only, DO NOT USE TOOLS. Check unit periodically for tightness while gun is in use.



Layout and scribe a line for the saw cut to remove the comb on the gunstock. A holding fixture is recommended, but a piece of wood or metal, 2″ x 8″, attached to the but will work to hold square and stabilize the stock while sawing. Inlet a pocket in the stock to fit the plate with minimum clearance. Using a good 2 part epoxy, seal the plate in place, keeping the epoxy out of the slotted areas. (Flat head screws may be used in place of epoxy.) Remove the 2 post from the adjustable plate and insert the 2 set screws, ( 10-24 x 1/2″ ), set them in the center of the slots, slightly exposed above the plate. Place the comb back on the stock, rap with heel of hand on top of the comb to dimple the comb in two places. Using a 5/8″ diameter wide bit, drill the holes for the bushings, keeping the holes square to the base of the comb. Using epoxy, seat the bushings in place, keeping the epoxy out of the bushing holes. With the post back on the adjustable plate, set the comb on the stock and allow to dry Note: Lay stock with the comb down to keep epoxy out of assembly. Using a #25 drill and 10-24 tap, locate and drill through side of comb and bushing, tap the wood and bushings through to center hole and place the 2 set screws. The stock and comb are ready to finish.

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