Graco Corporation has been open since 1986 and strives to improve shooters scores and keep them from missing unnecessary targets. The truth of the matter is that Graco’s products are designed to create a custom fit at an affordable price. If a shooter wants a custom stock they will have to be willing to invest tens of thousands of dollars in high grade wood and craftsmanship, unless they come to Graco and use our products to provide the custom fit and install work at a fraction of the price. At Graco we have the ability to take any gun off of the shelf and tailer it specifically to a shooter’s needs and wants. This a complex and intricate process that has taken over twenty years of engineering and shooting experience. Graco has set up and developed its shop to manufacture, fit, and install our products all in one building.

The most popular product that Graco manufactures, and installs is the Gracoil recoil reducer. The Recoil Reduction Unit from Graco, known as the Gracoil, has been in production since the mid-1990s. The unit is known for being fully adjustable, extremely dependable, and versatile enough to allow for multiple shooters and multiple events. Graco has two different versions of the Gracoil that are fully adjustable one being the LP unit and the other being the XT unit. These two units offer the same adjustability but differ in the spring body. The XT or ‘Extra Tough’ has a stiffer spring mechanism that is designed to compensate for a lighter shotgun and/or heavier loads. Graco saw a need for youth shooters that shoot lighter shotguns as well as the outdoorsman that appreciates going on an upland bird hunt or a duck hunt along with shooting trap, skeet, or sporting clays. The idea behind the two different units is more versatility. The spring body for the XT is also sold separately and interchangeable. The Gracoil is such a good product that it has been copied. In the early 2000’s a competitor copied Graco’s designs and products. The simple fact is that the copied products are not up to the standards that Graco has for its products. The copied unit has its faults. Graco has received several of the copied units to repair or replace over the years. The moral of the story is to have a unit that will last a lifetime and has stood the test of time Graco is the only option.

Another product that Graco sells that enables adjustment and custom fitting is the 575 Adjustable Butt Plate. The Adjustable butt plate has pad adjustment, and length of pull adjustment. The 575 is a great fit for any gun but excels on a semi-automatic shotgun. The semi-automatic is less punishing in terms of recoil but does not offer a fit that would be considered custom without a product such as a 575 adjustable butt plate. The adjustable butt plates allow for a shooter to get their most comfortable shouldering position of the gun and their desired length of pull. The high-quality craftsmanship that Graco produces allow for a beautiful installation that make a gun stock look as though it was meant for the 575 adjustable butt plate.

The custom fit from Graco cannot be talked about without mentioning the adjustable comb. The adjustable comb allows shooters to adjust their eye positioning up, down, left, and right. Using graduation lines and the nylon washers the combs can be moved with precision. This allows the shooter to adjust to their personal preferences and shooting styles to eliminate missed targets. Graco’s adjustable combs are also made with ease of installation in mind. Graco truly does consider who is working on the gun when they make them. All of the comb hardware made here at Graco is designed to be able to allow gunsmiths to install the comb in a timely manner and in a way that will last. If you are wanting a comb that will hold up throughout thousands of rounds and a lifetime of use the comb hardware from Graco is what you will need.

Graco has a storied history of great craftsmanship and customer service that has produced thousands of satisfied customers as well as top notch shooters. This tradition of great craftsmanship has not changed for thirty-seven years and will not change any time soon. Do not settle for an imitation, get the very best at Graco Corporation.