Graco Adjustable Combs

            Graco Corporation in Gravette, AR offers an adjustable comb with world class installation. The adjustable comb is an essential part of accurate shooting. The comb adjusts up and down as well as right and left. The adjustable comb allows for a true and consistent anchor point. The adjustable comb allows you, as a shooter, to keep your eyes down range on target and unites you with your gun in an intimate way.

The adjustable comb is installed onsite at Graco and done with precision cutting tools that measure down to the thousandth of an inch (.001”). For reference, one sheet of printer paper is four thousandth of an inch thick. The installers hold themselves to a standard of ¼ of that. The installers in house are highly professional and have been installing comb hardware on shotguns of various brands and sizes for 20 plus years. There is no need to have any apprehension when getting adjustable combs installed at Graco due to the quality craftmanship and the fact that Graco backs all of its work.

Using the adjustable comb is the only true way to change the impact point on your shotgun. The impact point is the exact place that the shot inside of your chosen load hits down range. Shotguns do not have traditional sights with a back sight toward the stock and another pin at the end of the barrel. However, they almost all include a front sight. The back sight for a shotgun is your eye. Whether you shoot with one eye open or two the dominant eye takes the place of the back sight. The adjustable comb allows you to move your back sight left, right, up, or down. The adjustments within the comb are minute. This is due to the fact that a small adjustment on the comb will have a large impact down range. A 1/16-inch adjustment of the comb equals roughly 1-1/2-inch change at thirty yards. This will drastically improve accuracy simply because without an adjustable comb the back sight (your eye) will have an inconsistent anchoring point as well as most likely be off left, right, up, or down.

When adjusting the comb, the results will be pretty straight forward. By moving the comb and inadvertently your eye upwards the gun will shoot higher. When moving it down it will shoot lower. If the comb is moved left it will shoot left and vice versa when moved to the right. In order to adjust the comb, Graco provides plastic washers that are 1/16 of an inch thick. The washers allow for height adjustments and the left and right is controlled by the comb post positioning. For example, if your gun is shooting four inches low and three inches right the proper adjust would be to add three washers and move the comb post to the left 1/8 of an inch. Graco provides instructions as well as hardware to make this an easy process.

The adjustable comb adds an element of bonding the shooter to their gun by improving the consistency of swinging the gun in any direction with perfect unity to your eyes. A common problem in many shooters is that their eyes get ahead of their barrel. The adjustable comb allows a shooter’s head to be in line with barrel and fit against their cheek in such a way that the shooter and gun begin to move as one. There is something almost magical about watching a shooter that has perfectly tuned and customized their gun to fit them. They are truly united with their gun and get on target and fire accurately without missing a beat. The adjustable comb combined with the right amount of experience make this possible. If you are wanting to truly be the best shooter possible an adjustable comb from Graco Corporation is essential.