Shooters around the world use some type of after market device that aids them in getting their gun to fit their shoulder, eye level, and Length of pull perfectly. The fit and shoot-ability of a gun are the two most important factors when trying to be the most accurate. Graco understands this fit because they are passionate about guns and passionate about high performance at the range. Graco’s co-founder, Gary Phipps has been shooting registered targets since 1975. His passion for shooting a high-performance shotgun with high performance parts is evident in the products he and Larry Eaton designed. Graco has been in business since 1986 and has been a industry leader and innovator ever since.

Graco does not have a stated warranty. This may at first appear as a red flag, but the reasoning behind not stating a warranty and putting a timetable on their products is simply that Graco does not limit its customer service to a set amount of time. Graco makes all their parts with durability and minimal maintenance in mind. Graco backs all their work and will fix any issues that may be encountered or replace the respective unit purchased.

Graco offers unmatched versatility within their products. They understand how no two shooters are the same and have created a product that will fit the unique shooting styles of all shooters. The adjustable pad units including the Gracoil come with fifteen holes for pad placement adjustment up, down, left, and right. The way that a gun fits a shooters shoulder is considered one of the most important aspects of being able to shoot accurately. They also offer versatility within their adjustable combs. The adjustable combs have a unique adjustment process that is made easy, allowing it to be done without the help of a gunsmith. The comb of a gun controls the shooters eye positioning and a properly adjusted comb from Graco can make all the difference when shooting competitively or otherwise wanting to be as accurate as possible.

Graco has a standard or perfection when manufacturing its wide variety of products. They operate using CNC machines that have a strict .0001 (1/10,000th) inch tolerance when operating and the parts themselves have only a 3/1000 of an inch tolerance. Tolerance is the amount of variability from the sample or ideal part. 3/1000 of an inch is less than a sheet of paper and ensures that the products work shot after shot without fail for years to come.

Graco also offers factory installs on all of their pad and butt plates. The installs are unmatched in quality and seamless fitting with the stock. This is simply because the installers at Graco have worked strictly with Graco products for over twenty years. With such extensive knowledge of the Graco products and how they will fit any gun stock they do the best possible work. If you are wanting a Graco product installed on your gun it is made easy for you when you send your stock into Graco they will install the unit or comb hardware you have selected on your gun and install a KICK-EEZ recoil pad all at an affordable price. Graco has earned a reputation for dependability, adjustability, and versatility. Their reputation was hard earned through years of quality business practices with great products.