Graco Corporation in Gravette, AR strives to create products that will fit any shooter. The ability of a shooter to get the results out of their gun that they deserve requires custom fitting. The term custom fit usually comes with a major price tag, not at Graco. At Graco the goal is to create a product that can be fit to any gun and budget. Graco strives to create products that outperform their price. The fully adjustable recoil reducers, adjustable butt plates, adjustable combs, and everything in between will certainly out-perform their price.
You may have noticed a common theme in the three categories of products that Graco primarily focuses on…adjustability. Adjustability is what allows Graco’s products to fit any and all shooters. The adjustability will allow shooters to get more performance and use out of their guns. The adjustability that is designed into Graco’s products will allow a custom fit on any gun. The custom fitting and ease of adjustment even allows a custom fit to be transferred from one shooter to another. With a little understanding and a little time and effort the adjustments can be made on the fly. This would allow an individual to shoot his/her gun then allow a friend or family member to take the same gun custom fit it to them in a short amount of time and shoot at a high level. Every individual is different and has a different gun mount, cheek position, length of pull, pad preference, etc. At Graco you can purchase a product that will adjust to account for any and all of these needed adjustments.
The ability of Graco’s products to outperform their price is centered around adjustability. Any shooter can compete with the best in the world with hard work and the proper adjustments needed to fit their shooting styles. Graco’s competitors have tried to mimic their adjustability, but the craftsmanship is lacking. What makes Graco Corporation the best at what they do is the ability of the products to adjust and still operate for years. This is only achievable through quality craftsmanship found at Graco Corporation.