The Shot Fit

Graco Corporation in Gravette, Arkansas has just released a new product that is one of their most innovative products to date, The Shot Fit. The Shot Fit is designed to take the guess work out of gun fit, and make it easier on all shooters to perform their best. Graco is credited for designing and manufacturing industry leading recoil reducers, comb hardware, adjustable butt plates, and pad adjusters. The new product, the Shot Fit, works hand in hand with what Graco is already making and installing currently. The Shot Fit is simple to use and offers high level results. The Shot Fit is a must for shooters of all levels.
The Shot Fit ensures proper gun fit by confirming eye alignment with the front bead. When the eye is perfectly aligned with the front bead all four of the LED illuminated fiber optic lights will be visible. If not all four of the lights are visible the number and location of lights that are visible determine which direction the adjustable comb or shim stock will need to be moved. For example if a person mounts their gun and can only see the top two lights then the comb or adjustable shim stock will need to be adjusted down or dropped. If only the left two are visible than the comb will need to be adjusted to the right (cast on or off). If only the top right light is visible than the comb needs to be moved down and left. You get the point. The adjustment is based on the location of visible lights and then used to confirm the adjustments once they are made.
Proper gun fit is the biggest factor in consistent accuracy, therefore should be checked frequently. The Shot Fit identifies the eye alignment and how on/off it is when mounting the gun. The use instructions must be followed to ensure consistent results. An inconsistent gun mount will give you inconsistent results. The shot fit has several uses including initial set up of the gun, periodic checking after a growth spurt or from one year to the next, and at home practice of the gun mount and target following. For shooters of all levels the Shot Fit is a must!