Gracoil The Leader in Recoil Reduction and Adjustable Butt Plates


The Gracoil Recoil Reduction System is manufactured inGravette, AR at Graco Corporation. All of the components are made in house and  then assembled before being shipped out to various gun smiths or installed in house directly onto customer’s guns. The Gracoil contains a spring housing that reduces recoil and once the Gracoil is combined with a high quality Kick Eez pad the recoil is reduced even further, upwards of 65 percent. The benefit of the spring housing is that it is always ready to reduce recoil regardless of  how many shots are fired consecutively. Some competitors use a hydraulic system that has a decompression period between shots that does not allow for consecutive recoil reduction.


Beyond being an outstanding recoil reduction system the Gracoil comes with an option for a length of pull adjustment. This is the “LP” unit and it allows an inch of adjustment in or out. The length of pull is the length from the trigger to the butt plate of the gun and allows a shooter to e


xperience the maximum comfort while shooting. The adjustability of  length of pull is very important for the year round shooter. In the winter months when thicker clothing is required the length of pull can be adjusted to compensate and vice versa for the summer months when minimal layers are worn. The length of pull adjustment can be done all on your own by following the instructions provided and using the Gracoil hardware also provided  upon purchasing.


The Gracoil is also equipped with an adjustable butt plate unit that is yet another outstanding feature. The adjustable butt plate allows the butt plate that holds the Kick Eez butt pad to be adjusted in any direction the shooter feels necessary. By adjusting the butt plate a shooter can truly center his or her gun against their shoulder. This allows for the highest levels of accuracy and consistency when shooting.


The common application of a Gracoil is for skeet a trap s

hooters that want to reach their full potential, but the Gracoil is also made in a rifle model. The rifle model is ideal for the long range shooter or avid outdoorsman that wants to shoot a larger caliber without feeling the recoil. Adding a Gracoil to your rifle will allow you to shoot comfortably and  more accurately. Shooters that use the Gracoil do not have to fear a powerful kick or flinch when they pull the trigger. The true difference maker in the Gracoil is the craftsmanship of the in house installers. The seamless installation  is very aesthetically pleasing and does nothing but improve the looks of an already beautifully crafted gun.

When looking to improve your gun, having a Gracoil installed is a great place to start. The Gracoil offers unmatched versatility and adjustability while reducing recoil. The Gracoil is built to last and the manufactures at Graco Corporation will fix any issues that you  may encounter. There is no warranty set on the product because Graco does not limit their customer service to a set amount of  time. When you buy a Gracoil you are investing in a product that will allow you to shoot at your best day  in and day out for a lifetime. Whether you are a competition shooter, avid outdoorsman, or someone that simply enjoys to shoot in your spare time the Gracoil Recoil Reduction System will do more than meet  your needs.