GC15XT Gracoil

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The Gracoil XT or “Xtra Tough” was designed with a new spring body with higher tension. The higher tension spring body allows for more recoil to be sustained comfortably. The spring body does include adjustable tension which allows for fine tuning. The lowest setting tension on the XT spring body is the same as the highest tension setting on the original Gracoil. The spring body is adequate for lighter shotguns and/or higher brass hunting loads. The new spring body still allows for the same 1″ length of pull adjustments as well as the pad adjustments that make the Gracoil so customizable and versatile.

1 review for GC15XT Gracoil

  1. Denise Box

    I use this on my Yildiz shotgun, which comes in at under 6 lbs. It previously had quite a kick and I would develop a flinch within a few shots. The XT has fixed all of my issues.

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