GC15LP GraCoil




The GraCoil is a compression butt plate with an adjustable tension setting and adjustable pad plate. Adjustments for length, drop, and rotation allow factory stocks to fit any shoote’s style.

Tension will adjust from 14 lb. to 70 lbs. with a maximum stroke of 5/16" which produce a hardly detectable response time, with no distractions between shots. Moving parts slide on Teflon® liners for a smooth and trouble free motion.

The GraCoil LP offers the same features as the standard GraCoil, but with the added feature: the "length of pull" adjustment, which allows for the stock length adjustment up to 1".

The GraCoil adds 1" to the stock length, and requires the stock to be shortened in most cases. It’s construction is all aluminum and stainless steel and comes complete with screws and wrenches. It uses very little lubrication, and no maintenance is required.

Factory installation available. Pad not included.


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