The youth of this country are the future leaders, and businessmen and women of this country. At Graco Corporation we take great pride in investing in the youth of our country. Through the SCTP or Scholastics Clay Target Program Graco Corporation has been able to provide a heavy discount to youth shooters. At Graco Corporation we hope that our discount enables kids to get outside, break clays, and learn valuable life lessons. As a youth shooter having a bad experience in the way of recoil or a poor fitting shotgun can ruin the competitive shooting for years to come. Graco Corporation is the solution.
For many people across the country some of their fondest memories growing up are being outdoors, playing sports, and spending time with friends. The sport of competitive trap shooting opens the door for a youth shooter to experience all three. They can be outside learning valuable lessons such as gun safety, social skills, and manners. The trap range is a place where being safe and having healthy competition come hand in hand. Not every kid is gifted with the ability to win track meets or break tackles on the football field, but most kids can learn how to safely compete in trap, skeet, and sporting clays. Graco simply allows them to learn, grow, and compete quickly.
Our products are made to allow youth shooters to shoot their guns for longer periods of time. When a parent purchases a quality over and under trap gun and their kid shoots it for 6 months to a year and has grown to the point that the shotgun does not fit anymore, Graco’s highly adjustable butt plates, recoil reducers, and comb hardware are the solution. A youth shooter’s body is constantly growing as are his/her shooting abilities. Graco’s products allow the youth shooter to shoot for years with one gun, therefore getting better and better with each trip to the range with no resets or setbacks from having to purchase a new gun and starting all over again. All Graco’s shotgun accessories are adjustable. The simplicity of the adjustments in every Graco Corporation product allows a shooter to adjust when needed in a matter of minutes.
Graco’s products allow kids of all ages to shoot comfortably because of proper fit and recoil reduction. This allows longevity on the trap field and pure joy from competing safely. At Graco Corporation we strive to allow youth shooters and their parents to discover new passions and make memories that last a lifetime.