Adjustable Butt Plate

Adjustable Butt PlateThe “length of pull” will adjust in or out 1 1/8 inches and the pad plate will move up or down 1 1/2 inches, and can rotate to any comfortable position “toe in” or “toe out”. A positive locking system will hold the adjustments in place without slipping. When unit is closed it will ad 9/16 inches to the stock length. Available in two models, the Standard Butt Plate unit is for pump action and break open shotguns, and is design to hold a BreaKO recoil reduction unit, which is an option. The Auto Butt Plate is for semi-automatic shotguns with a long action spring tube. (For guns such as Remington 1100, 11-87 & Beretta 303) All plates are over size and must be fitted to the stock.

All butt plate hardware requires CUSTOM fitting.

FACTORY INSTALLATIONS AVAILABLE Call for total cost and turn around time.

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